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Integration with your
Ecommerce Platform

Integrate your store with AdScale in just a few simple steps, and let our AI fully automate the creation & management of advertising campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Easily create advertising campaigns across Google & Facebook from a single platform. Generate ads for all your products in just a few minutes.

Optimization 24/7

Using advanced statistical models, AdScale monitors and optimizes your campaigns 24/7 to maximize performance across all channels.

Store-to-Ad Sync

Product changes are automatically updated in your advertising campaigns. Rest assured knowing that all your product data is synced.


Dive deep into various data breakdowns for valuable metrics, underutilized opportunities and overall advertising performance.

Easy to Use
and Install

Setup your AdScale account and create your advertising campaigns across all advertising channels in less than 10 minutes


Do I need an active Google Ads or Facebook Ads account?

No, we build your new ad accounts on our system, so our algorithms can work with them. You won’t need to connect any account to AdScale.

Do you charge me for the advertising costs?

No, the advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook. We only charge you for app fees.

Can I control my advertising budget?

Yes, you have full control over your advertising budget and can set a daily, monthly or periodic budget limit on each advertising campaign. Moreover, you can easily pause and resume advertising campaigns in a single click of a button.

Can I see my advertising campaigns performance?

You can check the overview of your campaign on our app dashboard or drill down to specific data using the reports feature.

Do I get a free trial?

Yes, every new account gets a 14-day free trial. During this period, you can cancel at any time and we will not charge you for app fees . After the trial period is expired, app fees will be charged according to the performance in your trial period.

How can I be sure your data is correct?

We collect your performance data directly from Google & Facebook ad accounts. Once you install AdScale we automatically implement Google & Facebook pixels on your store to accurately collect your data.

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