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Shopify Merchants Pricing

Pay only for sales made by AdScale.
Perfect for small businesses (learn more).


+5% of sales made by AdScale

Billed monthly

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All features included (view details).


Solid Pricing

Pay based on your advertising spend.
Perfect for medium and large businesses. (learn more).


or 5% of ad spend

Billed monthly

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  • 14-day free trial
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All features included

Easy connection to your store

AdScale is fully integrated with Shopify and connects to your store in seconds!

Automated ads creation

Automate ads creation across Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram

24/7 AI optimization

Our AI will constantly optimize your advertising performance by adjusting your bids, budgets, and audience targeting

Cross-channel analytics

Manage all your Google & Facebook advertising performance using a single easy-to-use dashboard

Real-time Store-to-Ad Sync

Every product change you make in your store will automatically update in your ads.

Easy to use and install

Setup your AdScale account and create your ads in minutes, with no technical skills required

“AdScale has streamlined our marketing with instant reporting and automated ad creation across all product lines. This quarter alone, they have delivered a 1,312% ROAS, clearly delivering on their promises.”

Idan Vaknin, Marketing Manager


Do I need Google or Facebook ad accounts?

We create for you new ad accounts on Google & Facebook that connects to AdScale, so our algorithms can work with them. Nevertheless, you could use your current advertising assets such as Facebook pixel data and audiences in those new ad accounts.

Do you charge me for the advertising costs?

The advertising costs of Google & Facebook are billed directly by them, and their invoices are sent to you. We only charge you for AdScale fees.

Can I control my advertising budget?

Yes, you have full control over your advertising budget and can set a daily, monthly or periodic budget limit on each advertising campaign. Moreover, you can easily pause and resume advertising campaigns in a single click of a button.

Can I see my advertising performance?

You can check the entire performance analytics on the AdScale platform dashboard and break-down into all the relevant segments such as advertising channels, ads, demographics, geo-locations and more.

Do I get a free trial?

Yes, every new account gets a 14-day free trial. During this period, you can cancel at any time and we will not charge you for app fees. After the trial period is expired, app fees will be charged according to the performance in your trial period. Please note that during the free trial you will be billed on the advertising costs of Google & Facebook.

How can I be sure your data is correct?

We collect your performance data directly from the Google & Facebook ad accounts. Once you install AdScale we automatically implement Google & Facebook pixels on your store to accurately collect your data.

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