How AdScale Works

Automated Campaign Creation

Easily create advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook and Instagram from one single platform.

Stop spending hours on manually building campaigns and ads across all advertising channels. Whether you wish to run on-going campaigns or seasonal promotions, simply define your advertising goals and let AdScale launch professional campaigns for every product and category.

campaign creation

AI-Driven Optimization

Outperform your competition with AdScale’s AI Algorithms. Automatically optimize your advertising campaigns - like no human can.Using advanced statistical models, AdScale monitors and optimizes your campaigns 24/7 to maximize performance across all channels. This includes: Budget Allocation, Bid Optimization, Targeting Optimization, Quality Score Optimization and more.

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Automated Store-to-Ads Sync

Keep your Ads Up-To-Date with Store-to-Ad Sync. With AdScale, every product change will be automatically reflected in your ads on all channels.Instead of wasting hours manually entering data or importing endless Excel sheets full of numbers and errors, AdScale ensures that all store changes are automatically updated in your advertising campaigns. Rest assured knowing that your pricing, products, stock inventory and more are all in sync.

sync 24/7

Analyze Your Performance

Visualize your Cross-platform advertising performance on one dashboard. Use AdScale to quickly analyze your progress as well as trends with insightful reporting.With the click of a button, dive deep into various data breakdowns for valuable metrics, underutilized opportunities and overall advertising performance. Evaluate and discover what you have been missing- all in one place.

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AdScale Dashboard

Additional features

Keyword Generator

Keywords generator

Dashboard and Reports

Insightful reports

Automated pixels installation

Automated pixels installation

Media Library

Media library

Click fraud protection

Click-fraud protection