5 Things You Must Do To Scale Your e-Commerce Business

February 23, 2020 1,925 Views
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5 Things You Must Do To Scale Your e-Commerce Business

It’s no secret that the Ecommerce landscape continues to grow. In fact, Ecommerce sales accounted for approximately 11 percent of all sales during the third quarter of 2019. Starting your Ecommerce business is only half the battle; scaling it is quite another. Your Ecommerce business will only grow as much as you are willing to scale. In this article, we will provide five things you must do to scale your Ecommerce business.

How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business

#1 Design and Implement a Top-Notch Customer Service Strategy

Today’s customers are looking for personalized experiences. Therefore, Ecommerce businesses should design and implement a customer service strategy that delivers the experience that customers are looking for and which also gives you a competitive edge. A customer service strategy will not only ensure that every customer is satisfied and in turn generate more sales, but it will also allow you to scale.

Design and Implement a Top-Notch Customer Service Strategy#2 Establish the Right KPIs

You can’t scale your Ecommerce business if you don’t have a baseline of data. After all, how will you know what growth looks like? How will you measure performance? It’s important to have solid data to ensure that your Ecommerce business is growing and scaling according to your goals. Establishing the right KPIs will allow you to have a real-time understanding of how your Ecommerce business is performing and which sales and marketing channels are yielding the best results, attracting the right customers, and generating the most sales.

#3 Focus on Fulfillment

A common mistake that many Ecommerce businesses make is forgetting about fulfillment. However, the fulfillment process can either make or break your Ecommerce business, especially if you are fulfilling the orders yourself. So, if you are sitting at your kitchen table packing and shipping your own orders, now is the time to streamline your fulfillment operations.

Focus on Fulfillment

The good news is that there are several fulfillment options available today, such as Amazon Fulfillment. A fulfillment service does all the work—from packing to shipping, and printing shipping labels—the minute a customer places an order. A fulfillment service is definitely a must-have if you plan on scaling your Ecommerce business.

#4 Automate Paid Ads with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It can take hours to create ads, set up the campaigns, select the right target audience criteria, and monitor results, which is hardly a scalable process. Automating the process of building and setting up your paid advertising campaigns can save you a ton of time and resources. You can also take this one step further by integrating an automation tool into your Ecommerce system or framework. For example, AdScale is a fully automated advertising platform designed for Shopify. It automatically advertises your Ecommerce business across multiple digital and social media channels, including Google Ads and Facebook. It also uses machine learning algorithms to analyze store data and combine it with industry benchmark data.


Automate Paid Ads with Artificial Intelligence#5 Optimize and Maximize Ad Budgets

Even the most successful Ecommerce businesses have strict marketing budgets. Therefore, it’s important to pinpoint and focus on the most effective paid advertising channels.  Using the right systems and tools can help automate these processes and also determine which advertising channels are yielding the best results and return for your Ecommerce business.

AdScale is an automated tool that uses advanced AI engine to create and optimize your paid advertising campaigns and maximize performance, so you aren’t wasting your hard-earned marketing dollars on campaigns and channels that aren’t yielding results.

Scaling Your Ecommerce Business in 2020

Depending on your growth stage and the type of Ecommerce business you own or operate, there might be other must-do items on your list. However, these are five important things that typically apply to any Ecommerce business in some way, shape, or form.

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