5 Ad & Store Tweaks to Up Your Valentine’s Day Marketing Game

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5 Ad & Store Tweaks to Up Your Valentine’s Day Marketing Game



Valentine’s Day is one of the top commercial holidays of the year, with 2019 sales topping $20 billion. Yet while overall revenue is increasing, fewer people are joining in on the celebration. So, to guarantee your share in the changing ecommerce marketplace, it’s time for a few tweaks to your store and advertisements.


Connect your “Valentine’s Day Ads” to your “Valentine’s Day Landing Page


    1. Your ads should direct traffic to landing pages with similar themes and calls to action. 
    2. Your ad copy should be clear and effective, from the picture to the headline to the post text. So learn from examples (see #9 for a festive example from Chubbies)




Add festive changes and color schemes for an easy yet effective Valentine’s Day update


    1. Include pink or red colors in your landing page, banner, header, or similar 
    2. Create eye catching banners with hearts, cupid, or similar imagery to draw your customers to gift ideas, bundles, sales, as well as special offers and content
    3. Create a seasonal logo or hire a freelance designer to make one for you




Create special collections (see Amazon’s inspiring landing page example) to make shopping easy


    1. Add collections of “Gifts for Him”, “Gifts for Her”, or even “Gifts for Pets”
    2. Consider holiday specials on shipping or discounts on bundles and cross-sales
    3. Find seasonal items (see tip #2 and #4) using Google Trends




Update or create new content to help your customers and to work on link building to increase SEO


    1. Add staff picks or favorites to create a more personable, branded, store
    2. Update your old content with fresh links and keywords related to the season
    3. Add to or create gift guides to suggest the best picks from your store
    4. Share your updated content across your social media accounts to create organic SEO




Create clear steps to receive a discount or gift card


    1. From ad to landing page to checkout, check if your store is built to succeed
    2. Test your site to be sure all discounts and gift cards work smoothly
    3. Have a friend, preferably the not so computer savvy one, test your site


The holiday season is a wonderful way to engage with new and old customers by making minor tweaks to your site. Even if your products don’t traditionally fit into “The Valentine’s Day Spirit”, it’s an important chance to experiment.  With Mother’s Day (reaching towards $25 billion in sales)  around the corner, and the winter holiday season (reaching towards $730 billion in sales) forever looming at the end of the year, why not get into the spirit of the commercial season?

Post Views: 649
Post Views: 649 Views E-commerce

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