Part 4: 3 Examples of Killer Google Search Ad Copy

November 21, 2019 1,667 Views
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Part 4: 3 Examples of Killer Google Search Ad Copy


Writing for Google Search Ad Copy can be difficult. Below are several ads to help you create a targeted advertisement for high quality traffic which is more likely to convert.

Key Ad Copy Goals:

While writing your Ad copy, keep the following goals in mind:

  •       Promise — Guarantee your product or service using social proof
  •       Value Highlight what makes you unique: Free shipping? Award winning? Customization? Special promotions and exclusives?
  •       CTA — Directly tell viewers to do a specific action, such as Buy, Shop, Purchase, Order, Download, Call, Sign up, etc.
  •       Keyword — Include at least one product keyword in your headline to show ad relevance
  •       Brand — Include a brand name to potentially increase CTR and increase awareness or benefit form preexisting recognition.






Ranked Highest by J.D. Power // Rating for fromyouflowers.com 4.5 – 79,698 reviews


Offer social proof for increased credibility in the headline and in extensions

This eases customer fears and anxieties, leading to an increase in customers staying in your sales funnel, a higher clickthrough rate, as well as increased conversion rates


Same Day Hand Delivery Satisfaction Guarantee.


Preempt common concerns with a strong solution

When your product is time sensitive or quality might be a point of concern, your customers will appreciate your effort with increased conversion rates and positive word-of-mouth.


20% Off All Items //  $19.99 Flower

Use numbers to show deals and offers to show value

By answering questions of price and displaying deals, your customers will have fewer questions about your products, leading to a higher quality click through rate.


Birthday, Sympathy, Romance, Get Well. Sympathy & Funeral, Love & Romance

Use Key Words and Emotional Triggers

This helps to associate your brand & product to the life event. This will help to assure return customers.






MVMT™ Watches Official Site

Lead with a known brand to benefit from preestablished awareness

If you have the “Official Site” or are an authorized dealer, state it to add credibility

Also, remember to use ASCII characters because they are proven to draw more attention than a standalone block of words/ letters


Free Shipping & Returns

Encourage a worry-free shopping experience

Use headlines for the details customers want to see most. And remember to A/B test your ads to be sure you’re right!


High Quality Stylish Watches That Don’t Break The Bank, Starting as low as $95

Use key words, numbers & emotional triggers that connect with your customers

By using the language your customers might search for, you are increasing the “clickability” of your ads.

Clearly stating the minimum cost ($95) can improve quality PPC traffic by increasing product awareness









Shop Dresses


Use imperative statements that mirror the user’s objective


This eliminates any confusion over what will happen if the link is clicked.



Free Shipping to All States” // ”Get Personalized Size Recommendations”


Preempt common concerns with Eye-Catching Solutions in the headline and description


Use the headline and bold text for important details customers want to see most



15% Off for New Customers // 10% Off for Students” // ”Pay Later with Klarna”


Include available discounts with key words


Make sure your ads reflect your target audience to grab their attention and address their pains. This will lead to customers who are confident that they can make a purchase as they enter your sales funnel.





Use landing pages that connect to your advertisement


This assures potential customers they will be directed to a relevant landing page.


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