4 Bulletproof Ways To Get Traffic To Your Shopify Store With Zero Effort

January 14, 2019 7,470 Views
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4 Bulletproof Ways To Get Traffic To Your Shopify Store With Zero Effort

You’ve already designed your Shopify store, sourced your products, and you’re ready to launch. Exciting, right?!

But after all of that groundwork, the hardest part still awaits: reaching your customers. You can have everything in its right place, but without generating traffic to your store – your business can fall flat on its face. Ouch! Even harder than just bringing traffic, is targeting relevant traffic that will convert. Digital advertising is a costly enterprise, especially if your misfiring your ad budget at the wrong targets!

No need to worry! There are simple and effective solutions to drive targeted traffic to your store. Here are 4 bulletproof ways to get relevant traffic with zero effort:

1. Automated advertising on Google & Facebook with AI technology:

With AdScale’s AI technology you can leverage the power of crowd-source matching for automated precision advertising.

The software takes your store data and cross-references it with a database of 40,000 similar shops in your product categories – to gain major market insights. AdScale then applies this valuable info to dynamically sharpen your audience targeting and take advantage of new market opportunities. Adscale automates major amounts of required work from your side, and successfully reaches quality customers for your store automatically.


2. Customer Referral Programs:

Remember your clients are your biggest fans and potential sales generators. Apps like Referral Candy empower your customer base as affiliate marketers.

This enables your existing audience to drive valuable traffic to your store by harnessing the influence of word-of-mouth marketing. You decide how to reward your referrers as they build customer trust as online brand ambassadors for your store. The results speak for themselves as Referral Candy has already generated hundred millions of dollars in referral sales for merchants.

3. Ad Exchange:

Teamwork makes the dream work! Ads by Varinode’s Shopify app connects you to a network of online stores that are directly related to your store’s niche.

Your store’s ads will display on similarly themed online stores, reaching consumers that are already primed to shop. Customers simply click-through your displayed ads and land conveniently in your store’s check-out basket. Cha-ching! Connecting with a network of stores produces more higher quality traffic than that obtained via popular (but less focused) social network ad platforms.

4. Email Marketing Automation:

New customers are valuable but costly. While return customers are a different story. As stated in Harvard Business Review, 2016. “acquiring new customers can cost 25 times more than retaining them”.

So what’s the best way to reactivate existing clients? How about a fully automated email solution. This will keep your store/products in front of your loyal shoppers. You’ll need an app that makes it easy to create customize email templates, that automates abandoned cart recovery, and automatically sends post-purchase communication. Recommended: OmniSend, a great option to get started email marketing automation.

Automation Age:

You’re already working hard enough, so why not let automation help you take a load off by optimizing your Shopify store. Let AI driven advertising for Ecommerce Stores step in to customize and then automate processes for cross channel advertising, synchronization, as well as bid and budget automatons.

The Ecommerce marketplace is quickly changing and, by using AI, you’ll know you won’t be left behind. There is no time like the present to sign up and receive your Free 14-Day Trial!

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