5 Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages

June 6, 2018 3,277 Views
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5 Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages

Having an effective landing page is the foundation of marketing successfully online. It doesn’t matter how much quality traffic your site receives; if your landing page is ineffective your business will hurt. To help you improve your conversion rate, we gathered these 5 tips to create an effective landing page.

1. Keep it Clean

The overall layout of your landing page has a major effect on the number of conversions your business will receive. It’s important to design your page with the main focus of your business in mind: making it easy for visitors to connect with what you are selling. Shoot for easy navigation with a clear hierarchy – using strong contrasting colors to separate between background, foreground and call-to-action buttons. The users should know where to go clearly and easily.

Easy Navigation With a Clear Hierarchy

2. Less is More

A good landing page should be simple. Provide the necessary information that visitors need in order to feel confident to hit that buy button. Make information concise as to not overwhelm visitors and use bulleted lists to make essential info easily scannable.

Headline Formulas

3. Call to Action

Visitors navigating your site will always want to know what to do next. Be direct, clear and assertive with your call-to-action buttons. Using a strong command verb with a sense of urgency is proven to increase user responses. Use it!

Call to Action

4. Above the Fold

Prioritize your important marketing messages to be above the fold. The most important part of your webpage is the space visitors see before they have to scroll. Do not hide your call-to-action buttons or forms in areas that require searching.

5. Mobile & Speed

These 2 variables have a major impact on user experience.
If your site is not yet mobile-friendly than you will miss out on a major segment of visitors. As of 2018, 51% of all sales are made from mobile devices.

Mobile Speed Performance

Time is money. It’s important to measure the load time of your landing page. Most web users will abandon a site that doesn’t load within 3 seconds. You don’t want first-time customers to navigate away from your site to your competitors because your of a slow load time. 

xBonus tip: Learn from Others

There’s nothing new under the sun. Take a look at your competitors’ landing pages – learn what they do effectively and also learn from their mistakes. Check out: LandingFolio: a gallery featuring the best landing page designs – organized into searchable categories.

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