Finding Long Tails – The Sisyphean Task Of The Digital Age

May 24, 2018 2,330 Views
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Finding Long Tails – The Sisyphean Task Of The Digital Age

Digging through Search Query Reports to find the hidden insights on a frequent basis is a highly repetitive and Sisyphean task. Every time you start from the beginning, it never ends and there is always more, as long as your campaigns are running.

Search Query Reports

Digging into the SQR for potential long tail keyword insights

This article focuses mainly on the importance of long tail keywords and will omit the other features/results which you can learn by analyzing the Search Query Report.

What is a long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords are search phrases that are longer and more specific. Often, visitors that are closer to a point-of-purchase will search using 3 + words with high specificity.

Why should I use long tail keywords?

Ask a child what type of cake they want for their birthday?
The answer might be: Chocolate cake with vanilla filling and whip cream with cherries on top. When requests are so specific – it’s a clear indication that the person really wants what they’re asking for.

The same is true for Search Engine Marketing. Consumers with detailed search queries are normally well-researched and have a higher potential to convert. To bring this highly-convertible traffic to your site one should focus on long tail keywords. Google rewards more relevant keywords with higher Quality Scores. Therefore, as long-tail keywords have lower competition, a higher relevancy (earning them a better QS) and lower search volume, you might receive a better ad ranking for less money.

Work Less than Sisyphus

AdScale does the heavy-lifting – freeing you from the monotony of rolling the proverbial “keywords boulder” up the mountain. The Tweak & Fix module automatically scans the Search Query Report for long tail combinations.
AdScale does the heavy-lifting

It continuously finds the high yield long-tail combinations and recommends them in the client’s dashboard.
AdScale client’s dashboard

Which can be applied via AdScale with 1-Click to your AdWord’s account.

Let our powerful modules lift your campaigns to new heights with automated data-driven insights to optimize your long tail keywords.

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